Labyrinth – your path to self-discovery

Labyrinth – your path to self-discovery

13 september 2019 @ 10:00 – 17:00
De Schaapshoeve
Schaapsdijkweg 20a
5453 SE Langenboom (N-Br)
Jack Peters
06 12 96 12 78
Labyrinth - your path to self-discovery @ De Schaapshoeve

Labyrinth – Your Path to Self-Discovery

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of wholeness, over 4,000 years old.  The labyrinth represents your journey in life. Labyrinths can help you feel centred and balanced, and gain insights into your life.

The path of the labyrinth represents your soul’s journey.  In exploring the labyrinth, you are exploring yourself. This labyrinth workshop is designed to give you an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the labyrinth, where you will learn about the layers and dimensions of the labyrinth, and how they relate to your life. You will also experience through the labyrinth how you are connected to all of existence and discover how to heighten your awareness to access your own inner wisdom.

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